17 Things All Girls Who Are Too Lazy to Do Their Hair Understand

1. Clicking on a YouTube hair tutorial, seeing that it’s seven minutes long and requires more than one bobby pin, then giving up and going with a ponytail instead. Pretty much if it involves more than a hair tie, that’s a big ol’ pile of NOPE.

2. A week’s worth of hairstyles for you looks something like this:

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3. The fear of being the most overdressed person at the party. No, you’re not going to do your hair and makeup, and risk looking like a try-hard when you’re not a try-hard. You are a lazy girl. You earned that title and you must wear it with pride.

4. The anger you feel when you actually do take the time to do your hair for once and then someone cancels on you. I thought we were friends?


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5. Using dry shampoo in place of regs shampoo is something you learned in, like, kindergarten. This is not amateur hour, and you are well aware of all the benefits of a good dry shampoo. Because of that, you always start to run out of it after a week and you also always seem to be stocked up with expensive shampoo because you know full well that stuff is for special occasions.

17 Things All Girls Who Are Too Lazy to Do Their Hair Understand

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